"Not My Dog": Tales from Puppy Raising

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Think like the dog, outsmart the dog....

I find myself somewhat bemused at how some of these "duh" solutions can crop up with the pup.
Case in point -- the long line for play/exercise. We are having serious "issues" with Murphy's love of leash grabbing and gnawing (and his leads have the fraying to prove it. Perhaps I'd better buy a new one before the eval on Jan. 6.)
Anyway, the long line was a particular favorite. He'd grab, I'd tug, he'd tug back and a grand tussle would ensue. Fun for the pup, definitely not what you want a guide dog doing.
Then yesterday, the light bulb went off:
Grab his tennis ball, and cram that in his mouth before I even snap the long lead on him. Happy, distracted puppy who doesn't even think about grabbing the lead instead.
Of course, before I get too self congratulatory, let's remember we're dealing with a beast who more than once has tried to eat a rock.


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