"Not My Dog": Tales from Puppy Raising

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Eval report

I'm posting an example of the kind of report we get after evals ... with my translations in italics after.

Puppy Evaluation Report By : BessieSheehan Canine Development Center Guiding Eyes for the Blind
Breed/Color/Sex: LBM
DOB: 9/15/2005 www.cdc.guidingeyes..org
Sire: Farrell Dam: Wella
Eval Date: 10/21/2006

Overall score: sniffs , vocal, and scratches when unsure, does better with repeated exposures,Wiggly w/ body handling

Confidence:UP came right up to all 3 x , tight and tense in traffic, (I'm not sure I agree with Bessie here), emptied on walk, (when in doubt, Murphy poops) grates fine, regular stairs fine, OB stairs rushes initially

Noise : good reaction to dumpster banging (One would hope with all the work I've done on that!)
Control factor: needs an attentive handler--scavenges when walking (Translation: In a home with a 5-yr-old, Murph gets more crumbs of real food than he should, and he's looking for it)

Dog reaction: Vocalizing whiney when unsure

Energy: higher energy when the activity and distraction is high

Distraction: high distraction to stuffed dog-- hard to refocus back to midline (Translation: He mauled Fred the stuffed dog quite gleefully)


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