"Not My Dog": Tales from Puppy Raising

Thursday, January 05, 2006

A better day and divine (?) intervention

Another day and much less stress.
Had a great training session with Nina, who taught me a couple tricks to curb the leash grabbing, etc. And they're working.
I wish I had Nina's gift of making you feel like whatever it is, it will get better. (It turns out she is a chaplain associate at the hospital, which seems fitting.)
We capped the session by letting Murphy romp with Frannie, another GEB pup, and Sal, Nina's GEB released dog. I was proud of the little guy -- he held his own with dogs twice his size. He was a tired pup later in the day.
We're also getting less barking /fussing now that he's in a bigger crate.
So we head into tomorrow's evals in a much calmer mood.
And thanks to Bob, who took Andrew out this morning to give me a few hours' time, I even finally finished Jon Katz's "The Dogs of Bedlam Farm," which I'd begun the day before Murphy's arrival.
Report to come from the eval tomorrow.


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