"Not My Dog": Tales from Puppy Raising

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Here's what they have to do -- Part I

With Nina's permission, I'm posting the eval reports for Lance, Murphy's older half-brother. Nina raised him and he is about to be placed with a client.
This is his first phase report: (The formatting isn't perfect, but ... )

Dog Name Lance Tattoo XXXXX
Raiser's Name NIna S.
Report Dates 1/9-27/06 Instructor: Shanon L. G.
Your puppy is just beginning the earliest phase of training. This initial time period is a time of adjustment,
a time when the trainer and dog bond and a time for laying the foundation for all the work that is still to
come. Please remember that each dog is treated as an individual and will be introduced to new skills and
concepts at a pace best suited to his or her needs and abilities.
Medical evaluation - Done ( X )
Hip and elbow x-rays: Our staff veterinarian radiographs the hip and elbow joints to verify the absence of
hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and other joint diseases which are hereditary malformations that can result in
lameness later in life.
Spay or Neuter: Once the breeding director indicates that your dog is not under consideration for becoming a
member of the breeding colony, our staff veterinarian either spays (removes the uterus and ovaries) or
neuters (removes the testicles) the dog. Recovery time can be up to 10 days or so during which no training
would occur.
Eye exam: The eyes are examined with an opthalmoscope to verify the absence of cataracts or other eye
diseases that could effect vision. The eyes will be examined again later in training as some problems only
appear when the dog is a little older.
General physical exam: The heart, ears, skin, mouth, neurological function and general health are carefully
examined. The past medical history is reviewed. Sometimes minor abnormalities are found that are not
reason for release but are monitored carefully for recurrence or increase in severity.
Social activities
Community run: After being neutered and getting acquainted with their trainer, dogs have social and play
time in the community run with about 20 other dogs. Community run is supervised by the instructors to
maintain positive interactions and stop undesirable behaviors such as rough play, mounting, stool eating, etc.
Kennel behavior: Each dog has one or two roommates. Other than feeding time when they are separated to
ensure that each dog gets his or her full meal, the dogs are together. The kennel runs are quite large and have
automatic watering devices called Lixits. The dogs play and run around in the kennel at times when they are
not engaged in training or work with their instructor assistant. Regular training periods take place in the
kennel to teach dogs to be quiet and not to bark excessively. The dogs are expected to sit and stay for their
food just as you taught them at home. Dogs are fed once a day at 11:00 a.m. unless the volume of food or the
dog’s weight necessitate twice daily feedings. The food is weighed to ensure that proper amounts are fed.
Dogs are weighed weekly and food portions are adjusted accordingly. The instructor may want specific dogs
to carry a little extra weight in anticipation of stressful training periods, so do not be alarmed if your dog is a
little heavier than during puppy hood.
Body handling: Dogs receive regular grooming time, nail cutting and general handling from the assigned
instructor assistant
Puppy Evaluator: BS Date:1/30/06
cc: Pat, Doris, NIna
Comments: Lance is a very energitc fun boy. He is eager to please and ready to work. He does have a soft side to him, which
coupled with a dog distraction can be a challenge at times. We did a lot of work with his obedience to get him to behave
appropriately in the company of other dogs and now his obedience is excellent. Lance is close to responding to all his basic
harness commands consistantly. Although, he does not like the harness handle on his back, he does seem to enjoy the work.
Lance lives with black lab male named Gibson and a yellow lab female named Laura. The three have become good buds!
It should be noted that I was on vacation for over a week during this time period.


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