"Not My Dog": Tales from Puppy Raising

Sunday, July 30, 2006

560 miles, two days, two pups, one boy

Belatedly, here's the report from the weekend of driving dogs.
We had a good time.

The mission: drive Zola to New York for her training eval. Pick up Murphy, languishing in the GEB vet facility, waiting for a ride home after a tooth extraction. Snare a tour of the breeding facility and throw in the 4-year-old for Mommy/Son bonding. (Daddy gets a sanity weekend. No kid. No wife. No dog.)

So here we are, ready to head out with Zola.

The trip down wasn't bad, if you define "not bad" as "not bad, except for the steady rain punctuated by three 'car-wash' rainstorms where traffic slowed to 35 on the interstate." whew! I was glad not to have Argos. Coordinating a pit stop with Zola and the boy was tricky enough. Still, Zola was perfect and just snoozed on the floorboard. I had decided to be a 'good mommy' and downloaded the Spongebob Squarepants soundtrack. If you play it enough, he's a happy (and compliant) kid. My brain is a fuzzy mass, now, but oh well.

We arrived at New York and dropped off Zola. While we were waiting to see Murphy, Andrew bonded with Virgo, the first of the many promised puppies he'd see. They brought Murphy in, and he initially raced around like a wild pup before he saw us and then raced around in a happy dance.
I'd stupidly never considered this prospect, but the guest house is outfitted with a dog crate in every room. We were asked if we'd like to have Murphy spend the night with us, and I quickly said yes. The GEB folks were kind enough to give us some breakfast for Murph, as I hadn't brought food, and off we went.

The house is a great touch -- a common kitchen and living room/hang out area, with four bedrooms. When we were there, it was relatively full. Erin, an intern from Maine, is living there. We also met two nice ladies from Maryland who were bringing their dog for IFT, the initial exam that determines whether he goes in for training or goes up for adoption. It turned out their dog was a brother of a Shepherd who'd been raised in Maine. It's a small world after all.

As you can see here, the room was quite nice and comfy for all three of us.

Part Two --- our tour of the breeding center -- to come soon!


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