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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Chaos even when he's not around

Saturday's class went remarkably well. The Gentle Leader seems to be taking; Murphy behaved himself even among a dozen other dogs, and performed quite nicely.
It's been determined that he probably had an ear infection, and he definitely has a baby tooth that refused to fall out and needed pulling. So he left on Saturday with Bessie, and as I write this, is now at the Guiding Eyes facility in New York for his vet care.
Now, getting him back starts to become a doggie logistics mess. Nina was going to pick him up on Saturday at Lance's graduation, but that's been delayed, as they decided that Lance and his person were not a good match.
The next option is that Andrew and I may take a New York road trip next weekend to retrieve him, since we're all going camping this weekend. Then, word came that a GEB employee is heading toward Maine Thursday and could bring him. Of course, that would mean scrambling to find a sitter for this weekend.
I think it says something about my life when I'm thinking that a 5-hour one-way road trip with a preschooler and at least one dog each way (we might be ferrying two down if we go) sounds kind of fun. No, really. I'd love to see the GEB facility. Heck, I found out tonight they even have a guest house, which I'm betting beats the Motel 6.


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