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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Entirely too smart for his own good

As I was getting Andrew out of bed this morning, we heard a thump and a clatter and Socks came streaking up the stairs in full hissing/poofed mode.
Seems that Murphy had somehow managed to get himself out of his crate, and was prancing about, looking quite full of himself. I'm guessing that I must not have latched through both loops and he might have used his nose to nudge it open. It appears he went to the laundry room and ate the cat food before starting up the stairs. I'm sure he wasn't out long, as I don't see how he could contain the exuberance too long.
I couldn't really be mad. My mistake, and as I said, if dogs do have emotions, he was quite proud of himself.
I'd say it's about time for him to go to New York. He's getting too smart to handle.

Other miscellany ....
He had his last sleepover with Nina. We knew he'd be crated almost all day with us going to Boston to pick up Ben, and she wanted to see him again, anyway. She really thinks he will pass IFT.


  • He's a Farrell puppy?! We dog-sit for Farrell a lot, he is my released pup Indiana's best pal. I can see that he gets his good looks from his dad. Good luck on his upcoming IFTs, I'm sure he will shine :)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 7:34 PM  

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