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Monday, January 08, 2007

Hooked again

Well, we're in the midst of our first babysitting experience since Murphy left. We have Nettie, a 4 1/2 month old yellow Lab, until the 14th.
What's amazing is how different she is from Murphy. Now, of course, I know that every pup is different, but it's interesting how it plays out. Nettie's two biggest issues are crying/whining in the crate, and not getting on furniture. The funny thing is that, for all the shenanigans he did throw at us, Murphy never had an issue with either of those! So she is keeping us on our toes. However, aside from those, she is a very sweet girl, and definitely a much lower energy dog than Murphy!
What's been good is the reinforcement of how easily we've slid back into puppy mode. I really do want/need another pup again, and even Bob seems to really be enjoying Nettie. I wish my work situation would resolve so I know what my schedule is going to be, and then I can figure out if we can/should do this again. I'm worried that if I'm working days, I don't know when I could train the pup.


  • GEB is so tricky about getting puppies out to raisers so I wouldn't be surprised if you had puppy #2 soon!

    Thanks for the kind words. Irie is definitly testing my patience. I always say, "You're lucky you're so cute!"

    The puppies are so much fun and not one has dragged me yet!

    By Blogger Sarah, At 10:27 AM  

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