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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Family footsteps

I may have mentioned before that Murphy's litter is kind of special, because they are the last puppies of Farrell, his dad, and the first puppies for his mom Wella.

It was a litter of eight, and one puppy, Mya, didn't go out for fostering and was released at eight weeks. I checked the GEB database yesterday, and three of his siblings have already had their IFTs : Mica and Morley are now in training, and Mead was released.

So for those stats-hounds, we're batting .500 for this litter ... it's up to Murphy, Maddox, Meg and Chipper to see what they can do now.


  • Thanks for the comment! We may be going to more photos with Farrell later this month. He is a huge Christmas Freak! He loves Santa and will sit on his lap if given the chance. He also likes to stop on his walks to watch Christmas lights :) I'll post the picture if we end up taking one.

    I'm sure Murphy and his siblings will do great! Just keep in mind you have done everything you can for your boy and it is now in his paws. Enjoy the last couple of days with him; I may try and go down for IFTs that day, a friend of mine has a dog going in (12/14 right?).

    By Blogger Sarah, At 11:51 PM  

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