"Not My Dog": Tales from Puppy Raising

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mortification in Aisle 5

Normally, I don't work Murphy when Andrew is with me. It's hard enough wrangling one of them alone.
But today, we spontaneously decided to pop in to Pet Quarters to give Murphy some dog distraction work while we were out running errands. (Murphy came along for the car ride.)
Almost immediately, we saw a fluffy small dog. When it spotted Murph, it began yapping excitedly as it strained to get off its leash.
To his credit, Murphy sat, looked and maintained a sit/stay without seeming rattled at all.
"Mommy," Andrew exclaimed, "Murphy is being so good!"
I beamed.
"But that little doggy over there is being very, very bad!" Andrew continued, in a voice that would carry across football fields.
GEB really needs to come up with a command for "Flee!" Which we did.


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