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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Distracted by minutiae

Well, I have an appointment to get a much-needed haircut, and have the hotel booked. I have Andrew's outfit picked out, and now, if I could just decide what to wear to graduation myself! (For non-raisers, this matters because GEB takes a portrait of the person, the guide dog and the raisers.)

Photographically, my black slacks probably won't be a good choice, since it seems like -- based on browsing past graduation portraits -- that the dog is usually sitting in front of the raiser, who is standing. Yes, I am over-analyzing this.

This really should be fun .. in addition to meeting fellow GEB blogger Sarah, whose Diego is graduating, I will also get to see the raiser for Murphy's mother, Wella. She is so nice; we met at the boys' IFT, and she said she is coming to graduation when I emailed to tell her the news. It looks like Murphy's sibling Mica also is on the grad list, and these are the first Wella pups to become guides.

I also still need to buy Murphy a farewell toy gift... one of the kind he can't destroy, of course! Just in case!


  • I know the feeling! My high school graduation is that morning, so I have double the stuff to do! I got a dress last night that can double for my graduation and Diego's. I also have to finish the scrapbook!!


    By Blogger Sarah, At 7:29 AM  

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