"Not My Dog": Tales from Puppy Raising

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

No dog, no blog, no noggin

OK, maybe I'm pushing the title too hard here. But here's why it's been all quiet on the dog & blog front.

Nettie has been over at Nina's house for 8 days now. Nina is our area coordinator, a dog wizard extraordinaire. She has been involved in GEB for 20 years, and I think has now raised 13 pups. She really is a dog whisperer.

Anyway, how Nettie got there and why she's been foisted on dear Nina for so long: by last Tuesday, Nina and I collectively decided that we all needed a break from Miss Nettie, who had resumed the demand barking at 5:30 a.m. drill. Exhausting and a bit of a drain on sanity. So we thought Nettie would go to Nina's house Tuesday night, and I'd retrieve her Saturday at puppy class. A break for us, a break in the routine for Nettie.

The best-laid plans ...

Well, on Thursday night, in a fit of grace and elegance, I tumbled down a flight of stairs at work and landed more or less on my head, leaving a fist-sized knot. Other than some initial dizziness and a seriously banging headache, I felt like I was probably fine. Thanked my stars that it could have been worse -- that it didn't happen when Bob was out in Seattle, and carried on with my life that evening.

My head had other ideas Friday morning. I awoke and immediately felt like I was going to fall out of bed. I was so dizzy I could barely stand. A trip to the doctor ensued, and the verdict was a mild -- MILD, I said, no big deal here -- concussion.

Anyhoo. As you can imagine, vertigo and even the best-behaved Lab pup don't mix well. If Nettie hadn't been at a sitter's, she would have been going to one quickly!

By Saturday, I was feeling OK enough to sit in the stands at Andrew's T-ball game. Since it was my birthday, I insisted that Bob then drive us to class so I could see and pet Nettie. But I have to admit, after 15 or 20 minutes at class, I was ready to lie back down! I had wanted a margarita for my birthday, but I was feeling like I'd had a whole pitcher of them, minus the fun.

So, I'm finally feeling relatively normal. Nina and I decided that I'd phase in going back to work, and focus on that, and then take Nettie back when that felt ok. I think we'll get Nettie back tomorrow or Friday. The (pre-head banging) break was nice, but now I'm missing her.

On the philosophical side, it was another reminder that we can want and want things to be a certain way, but when it comes to puppies -- and life -- you just have to deal with what happens, and make the best of it.

I fear that Nettie is having such a good time w/ Nina and her two dogs, though, that she may not want to come back!

And Socks, the cat who hates her, is getting quite arrogant. He thinks he's won and she's gone for good... time for rude awakening!


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