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Friday, May 11, 2007

Back in the saddle

I think, cautiously, that Nettie is out of heat. I had the day off, so with Andrew in school for the afternoon, we went to our town's downtown to work.

I was worried about how the layoff would affect her, but so far, so good. There is a very busy intersection in town with a lot of truck traffic, and we walked and crossed the street there a lot. She didn't seem to mind. She was true to form -- started off totally "la, la, don't hear you, am not listening to you!!!" and then within 5 minutes, settled down and started working. Whatever. We ended up working for almost an hour. I even took her to the coffee shop because I felt pretty good at how she was doing. She did great there! When we were waiting for our drink (I decided to stay, b/c no one was there), she did want to sniff another person who came in, but she got refocused. Yes! She lay at my feet so prettily and nicely while we were there. She did get a doggie biscuit and a cup of ice cubes, as it was unseasonably warm here today, and she was pretty pooped out.

The only bad thing about today was that I'd figured I'd work Nettie and then go for a run before Andrew got home from school, but Nettie's work was going so well, I pushed it longer than I intended. So no time to run today. With husband out of town for 10 days, not going to be running any time soon! I am thinking, though, of seeing if our babysitter could come by some evening for just a couple hours so I could work Nettie in town and go for a run.

Oh well. I don't know why, but I registered to run the biggest 10K around here on the first Sat. in August. OH WAIT! I committed to doing it before we got Nettie!! THAT'S IT !! Anyway, I'm still trying to train and fit that in, too. I'm pretty confident I can handle it. I ran 5 miles a couple weeks ago, and I did run a 5K course Thursday night and finished it in about 27 minutes, roughly an 8:45 min/mile avg pace, according to my Nike+iPod, which I truly, truly love.

I think I love my iPod running thing so much because it's all about the hard data.

As we all know, puppies are pure speculation, work, luck, worry and hope.


  • As long as you didn't have every intact male in town following you on your outing, she is probably fine ;) Sounds like your little girl is turning into such a fantastic dog! Good luck on your run...whenever we have one of those, we sign up for the walk part and bring the pups!

    By Blogger Sarah, At 8:32 AM  

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