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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Puppy Go-Round

I've been remiss in not taking pictures of our visiting pups. Well, Grant left on Saturday, after an adventure in returning him. Just as I pulled onto the turnpike and accelerated, a warning light started flashing and the car's engine started jerking and going thunka-thunka. Of course, I pulled off immediately. So there I was, with Andrew and the puppy. A state trooper stopped to make sure we were ok, and he thought that both of them were very cute and that the program sounded great. (I have my GEB bumper sticker, of course.) If I ever get stopped for speeding, I hope I have a pup with me.
Anyway, we limped the car home and then taking Grant back became an entire family outing.
With all the hassle with getting the car fixed (fortunately the ignition coil squeaked in under warranty), I postponed getting Kessler for a day. I will be picking him up tomorrow after work. He is 6 months old, but this is his first sleepover, so that should be interesting.


  • Hi Angie.
    This is PR Anna from GDB raising Avril...can I link you to my blog?!?


    By Blogger Anna, At 6:03 PM  

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