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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why I'm afraid I don't get dog shows

One of these dogs is Murphy. One is a picture of a Lab, taken from the website of the Westminster Kennel Club, to illustrate the breed. (Editing to clarify that the Lab that won best of breed was yellow, and quite lovely, of course.).
If I could get the pictures to be the same size, I'm sure it would be harder to tell who's who.
But that's my point. I'm afraid I'm not getting it, when it comes to which dog is the "top dog" and why. Not that I don't love Westminster. I watch it of course every year... Although I do think it's always the more "frou-frou" dogs that win!!
Hey, if Murphy doesn't make it, maybe he has a second career? Nah. If I can't be bothered to use hairspray on myself, I doubt I see myself doing it to a dog.


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