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Monday, April 02, 2007

Fun and games at our house

I am ashamed to even type this sentence, but as a guilty pleasure, I have gotten hooked on "Dancing with the Stars."
Even worse, Nettie seems to be hooked. She sits with me and I swear, watches the TV. Only for DWTS.
Don't worry, I'm limiting her TV time.


IN other fun and games, Nettie and Andrew enjoy a good romp in the evenings, usually involving tossing Nettie's toys around with much giggling.
Tonight, however, the game involved a "pretend" game in which Nettie was "Mrs. Cranium Pants" and Andrew was, I believe, "Capt. Cranium Head." (As I said, there was much giggling.)
I have no explanation and won't even try.
If this pup can survive our house, she'll be ready for any wackiness that the GEB trainers can throw at her.


On a serious note, lest anyone think we are only about wackiness, Nettie had a fun and busy weekend. We had a playdate with Keifer and his raisers on Saturday afternoon, and she and I worked that evening at a grocery store/strip mall that she'd never been to -- and she had quite possibly her finest work ever. Very tuned in and focused.
On Sunday, the whole family went first on an outing to the beach, where she was very good even with other dogs running around loose, seagulls, etc, and then we went to Freeport, home of LLBean and mega-outlets. There was traffic, lots of people and some other dogs, and I think she was a little overwhelmed at first, but we sat back, observed, and then she really started to focus. I think it was a confidence builder for her.


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