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Friday, May 04, 2007

Making the most of things!

I am so ready for Nettie to get out of heat, if only for the chance to be able to take her out more widely again! I don't know about her, but I'm getting kind of tired of our rural road. It used to be that practicing obedience at the end of the cul-de-sac was a challenge for her -- so many wildlife smells! But now, I swear she's almost yawning at me... "You want me to do a down? Oh, fine. Yes, of course I see the chickadees in the tree, but I'm not falling for that distraction because I know you have kibble," she's thinking.

Today at least there was a cop doing a speed trap at the top of the hill where our road meets the main road, so that was a new distraction! She did well, although she was definitely paying attention to that car that isn't ever there.

I think she's ready now to go to the local town coffee shop and be ok. They allow any dog, so she doesn't have to have her jacket. It's just a little small and I didn't want to take her there til she's ready, because if she acts out, she can create an issue quickly and there's no real good place to pull her off and regroup. We'll see. (There's multi-tasking for you, if we start going there in the morning.. hmm, can I do a one-handed dog walk with a latte in the other? Is that a GEB-approved maneuver?)
(Just kidding. When I handled Murphy there, I'd order, run out and put him in the car and run back in for the caffeine.)

Sarah got her report on Diego yesterday, so I have fingers crossed that I'll hear about Murphy today.


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