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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas merriment, etc.

Nettie went with me to the mall on Tuesday, since I had a day off, for some practice. She is really on a roll lately -- I think she is so ready to go IFT and start learning more than what I can teach her.

She got to meet Santa, too. We were walking by and he had no kids waiting. He saw her and waved, and then motioned us in. Nettie greeted him very nicely, even though she usually doesn't see guys who look like him. Santa was impressed with Nettie; he told her, with a twinkle, that she had been very good and she wagged furiously. (I assured Santa that he's already gotten her a nice toy.)

The Tree Tail Tracker: One ornament on the living room floor BUT one of the cats was the culprit, as the incident occurred while we were out and Nettie was safely crated. A reminder why all the bottom ornaments have been non-breakable ones for a number of pre-pup years now.


  • YAY for Nettie and being so good in the mall and greeting Santa so nicely!!!

    Silly kitties!

    By Blogger Runza, At 6:03 PM  

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