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Friday, April 11, 2008

Nettie's Phase 1 report

Well, I'm finally getting around to posting Nettie's Phase 1 report, which we got two weeks ago (on the day Rebecca was born, hence the delay.)

I'm having trouble copying the form, but the headline is that Nettie got a "Good" on every category she was evaluated on: Obedience, Introduction to Harness, Forward Command, Hup-Up Command, Wait Command and Straight Line Concept.

She also got "Good" in Community Run, Kennel Behavior, and Body Handling. (I was a little surprised on body handling because, for me at least, she was always a pill about having her nails clipped. But maybe I'm just not good at it!)

I was thrilled, to say the least!

Here is Michelle's comment portion:

Nettie has been very busy over the past month. She has learned to pull in her harness and passed her 'forward' test two weeks ago. We have been working on self control with Nettie, she is so eager to learn and please that she can sometimes lose focus. She has done very well when her handler is low key and clear with commands. Nettie has moved on to working in Peekskill, focusing on the straight line concept, curb work, and turns. She is a smart dog and has done well with her lessons.Nettie is currently living with Nate GLABYM, and Razzle YLF. She has a lot of energy and enjoys playing with the big boys during community. She is a very sweet dog and I enjoy working with her.


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