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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Am I a bad mom?

Last night, at bedtime, Andrew asked, "Mama, is there any way that Nettie can live with us forever?"

Let me just wallow in some worry for a bit. (Heck, worrying is the semi-natural state for a mom and a puppy raiser, at least for me.)

This one is going to be harder than Murphy. Andrew liked Murphy, but at the same time, he was younger, and there was almost some sibling rivalry at times for my attention.

He is closer to Nettie, partly because she is, I think, smaller and lower-energy than Murph was and they can play together more easily. (Plus, she has never yet tried to eat his Legos, which Murphy considered to be a potentially fascinating dog treat he hadn't yet tried.)

He knows she's not our puppy. If you ask him, he'll say she's not. Then in the next breath, you're likely to get "I wish she was."

Obviously, if she doesn't make it, she's a slam-dunk forever dog. I would bring her back in an instant as a pet. (Of course, let's not even THINK about what happens if Murphy doesn't make it, because in my book, he's a slam-dunk forever dog, too!)

And Andrew is savvy enough now to have figured that out. We never told him that was an option with Murph, but he finally asked me point-blank if all the puppies go to blind people and what happened to a puppy if it can't help a blind person, and I try not to lie to my kid. (We made the mistake of telling him that Chance is going to be an ATF dog, which kicked open the door of not helping blind people.)

So, I'm rambling. I'm just feeling more worried than usual today on this one....

Am I a rotten mom for putting Andrew through this? I hate to say it, after Nettie, we might be on a hiatus. At the very least, I think we're going to need a "forever dog" at some point.


  • IMHO, you need at least ONE pet dog! YOu've got to have one dog that gets left home and spoiled!! LOL!

    BUT! AT least they like her!! My Brothers are like GET THIS DOG OUT OF HERE ASAP!!!!
    She can do NOTHING right in thier eyes! They do not get the 'she's a PUPpy and PUPPIES do this sort of thing!"
    OF course our pet dog can do the same thing and it's absolutely fine!!!

    By Blogger Erin & Rei, At 1:47 PM  

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