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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The TV guide dog recap

Well, if you suspended disbelief, it was a pretty funny episode. My observations:

1) Although there's a reference that Carlos went to "school" to learn to work with Roxy the guide dog, it appears to have been for a very quick period of time!

2) Roxy growls at Gaby whenever she yells at or is mean to Carlos. I'm pretty sure that, however admirable the loyalty, that personal protection is not part of the training regimen.

3) Neither is fetching the remote and the other tasks Gaby was so hoping for. Although I think she also mentioned licking up spills ... and I would say that the pups I've raised, Murphy especially, probably could tackle that job if asked.

4) The dog following Gaby home after being dumped back at the guide dog school? Um, yeah. Right.

The dog was definitely a golden, I'd say, and the harness looked pretty close to real.

But otherwise, as they say, that's entertainment.


  • I admit, I usually don't watch, but when you mentioned Carlos was getting a guide dog I was intrigued. It was pretty humorous. Apparently, it was a hit though, as soon as the guide dog aired, my phone started ringing off the hook of friends who were watching it and wanted to alert me to it! FUNNY!

    By Blogger Lisa & Runza, At 6:15 PM  

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