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Sunday, July 13, 2008

The proper etiquette? Discuss

The Pup Who Shall Remain Nameless had me thinking: How do you handle it if you sit for a pup and it displays bad behavior?

PWSRN's raisers seem to be very conscientious people who are trying hard, but seem to be having difficulty. When they arrived to collect PWSRN, they asked if she had barked much .. and it was obvious from the tone and semi-furtive glances, they knew already she probably had. Ditto on the jumping. I tried to be honest, while not dwelling on all the gory details. ("Yes, she did bark in the crate when no one was in the room" was what I said vs. "She finally quit barking after three hours when I came and slept on the couch in the room with her.")

Was I being too nice? Discuss.

Other question of the week: We get our picture taken with Nettie and her person. Clearly, Andrew will be in it. (I took him to get a haircut today so he would look presentable, and he told the Supercuts stylist all about going to graduation for a dog that isn't ours. She was very confused until I clarified.)

But the baby? I'm of two minds. She did not contribute to the raising. In fact, one could argue that she notched up the level of difficulty, by making me nauseated, very tired and top-heavy at varying stages. I'm tempted to hand her to a bystander if the opportunity is there. (Husband cannot come to NY.)

The polls are open.


  • We have a few of those lovely pups here as well. I think that you handled the situation fine. Are they first time raisers? Having had a barky pup ( she has been incredably good about no barking for that last 3 months so fingers crossed!) I was always interested to know what my dog had done at someone elses house but putting the problems in nicer terms always was easier to hear. Although I have gotten used to the good the bad and the ugly reports over the years with my first dog I would have been crushed to recieve the true report as opposed to the given modified report even knowing the issues.

    Good luck at graduation!! How exciting!! Im sure that you will make the best decision for you on whether or not to bring the baby to graduation. I can't wait to hear how it goes!! If you happen to take the kennel tour there are some Southern Tier dogs that Im sure would love an extra pat from you! Good Luck and take lots of pictures of your girl!!!~ MeKalea and Glacier for 11 more days

    By Blogger The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster, At 12:19 AM  

  • Good point! I should have been more clear, that when I'd have someone sit one of my pups, I did want to know what behavior they saw that needed work .. and usually I did suspect what it was going to be! And yes, I sympathize with them, because Nettie went through a very barky stage too! (Although I don't think she ever lasted for three hours.)

    The baby is definitely coming to NY with us, but I'm just debating whether to put her in the picture.

    By Blogger Angie, At 7:00 AM  

  • I think you handled it appropriately. I always believed the puppy sitter more when they gave feedback that wasn't soley positive. I did like getting "real" feedback. And, you were very good about your phrasing so as not to be cruel or mean. I think you did fine.

    As to whether or not to include the baby in the photo. I would tend to agree with you and leave her out. Two reasons 1) she would be so cute, all people would look at would be her. 2) sometimes they can have a mind of their own and make a picture a lot of work. But, maybe it's one of those... just how you feel at the moment kinda things? Obviously, her part was a bit of a training experience! :)

    Good luck, can't wait to hear all about graduation. Take lots of pictures.

    By Blogger Lisa & Runza, At 6:00 PM  

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